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KenCraft boats are designed to maximize the best of both worlds while you are enjoying your time on the water. The best of both worlds refers to designing a boat that is both functional from a fishing standpoint, while offering all the amenities the family is looking for in a cruising boat. From our Bay Rider flat bottoms and Bay Boats, to our Challenger line, we offer the amenities you are searching for to make your boat purchase serve all purposes.


Our fishing design team has added the features you demand. From the bow to the stern, we design our layouts to maximize the fisherman’s ability to easily maneuver around the entire boat while fighting that fish in rough seas.


We offer large live wells on most of our hulls that can accommodate larger fish for release or handling 3-4 dozen of your favorite baitfish for that offshore trip.


We place stainless rod holders on the gunwale as a standard feature along with rod holders on the leaning post seat. We also install rod holders along the back edge of our T Tops as a standard addition as well. When you are fishing, you will never lack for a place to store your rod whether you are actively fishing or cruising back to the dock after a day on the water.


You can never have enough storage for fish or your gear on a boat. We have designed large forward seating boxes that are insulated for fish or drinks that drain overboard. Our Center Console boats have an additional in floor fish box/cooler that will hold the largest of fish or gear. The Challenger 21 has a 315 quart capacity and our Challenger 240 has 614 quart capacity. Our Bay Rider Bay and Flat Bottom Forward Seating models have 71 quart capacity in each of the front boxes. The Bay Rider Flat Bottom has additional 46 cubic feet of storage in the sealed front compartment.




In our 21 and 24 Center Console, we designed plenty of room to allow for installation of a portable Head, yet still have room to maneuver inside the console. This design also allows for easy access to our neatly rigged systems on your boat.


You can cruise the waters in style in a KenCraft. We have Forward Seating that doubles as a fish box/storage or a drink cooler because all of our boxes are fully foamed for good insulation. Ease of maneuverability is important in a boat, and in a KenCraft you can walk between the boxes to gain access to the front storage compartment and front deck unlike most competitors.


Most all of our boats offer rear seating to accommodate larger crowds when you want to cruise the waters with your KenCraft. You can relax in comfort with ergonomically placed back rests offering maximum support. We did not forget the all-important cup holders on our boats. They are strategically located at every seat on the boat so your favorite beverage is never far away, no matter where you sit inside our boats.

Build Your Boat

Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime.

Contact one of our many dealers to begin enjoying the water.

  • The BayRider was designed to be different from the beginning. A best-in-class #Skiff (also known as Flatbottom) that offers comfort as well as family affordability, while offering the ability to turn like a V hull on the water. You will not find a more versatile, fun, and safe boat for your family. [we own the rights to this video 🎥] #bayriderboats #yamahaoutboards
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Reposting this pic from our dealer Baltimore Boating Center:  OUR 239 #bayriderboats BayBoat IS WITH GOOD COMPANY PREMIERING AT THE BOAT SHOW !  Our booth and the 239 Kencraft are at the head of EGO ALLEY - see you there! #baltimoreboatshow #yamahaoutboards
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  • One amazing story #dolphinatley🐬 #Repost @coolkerns
No fishing today, boat was in the shop, picked it up and got a call about a dolphin in distress, so I went and picked up the Aquarium peeps and went looking. He would surface here and there but never really moved much, once Wildlife and Marine patrol got there, we were able to work together and get a hook around the crab trap lines, pull him aside the boat and get the ropes cut . He had been out there since 7:30 am so I would say he was probably happy to be free again. He had 3 crab pots entangled with one rope wrapped around his tail, needles to say, he didnt have a lot fight left in him after dragging them around all day. I was super  stoked we were able to get him freed from the pots, it was pretty cool.

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Check out one of the biggest riding 21’ deep v center consoles in existence. The Challenger 21 by @bayrider_challenger_boats. #challenger #bayriderboats #kencraft #centerconsole #boats #yamahaoutboards #ncboatbuilding #nc #boatlife 🎼: “Living it up” by Damian Marley #damianmarley #bobmarley #livingitup *we own the rights to this video @instagram*
  • Praying for everyone in the path of FLO. Here’s a video to take your mind off things. *We own the rights to this video @instagram 🎬🎥 #bayriderboats #challengerboats #yamahaoutboards