Bay Rider Skiff

Quality………. is our Promise

Bay Rider Skiff

Also Known As Flatbottom

Our Bay Rider Skiffs are the result of over a dozen years of development and refinement that has produced the very best riding and handling boat in its class. Bay Riders offer unparalleled comfort on the water from a ‘No Wood, No Rot’ hull construction featuring three strategically placed Ribs on the running bottom. This design makes the hull turn like a V bottom with no sliding in a turn. Test ride one today at one of our dealers to see for yourself.

Bay Rider Skiff boats are as unique in function and design as any other boat on the market today. It is not your typical Skiff boat because the ride is unlike anything you have experienced in the past. Once you see our boat with its top-tier fit and finish, and then you take a test ride, all of your previous assumptions of how a flat bottom boat rides and performs will be changed. Bay Riders DO NOT SLIDE IN A TURN. Bay Riders do not pound like the competitors because we are heavier and have 4 massive stringers below for added support. We have 3 ribs on the bottom for tracking while underway. Bay Riders have optional forward seating, plenty of cup holders, and lots of storage for your time on the water. Come take a ride.

Bay Rider boats are PowerMatched® Exclusive with Yamaha Outboards for performance.

BayRider Bay

Bay Rider Skiff Boat Series

Click on a boat below to learn more about it. All specifications are approximate and subject to change at manufacturer’s discretion.

Bay Rider Skiff 2460

  • Length24′
  • Beam8’4″
  • Weight Without Motor2,750 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity35 gallons
  • Max HP250
  • Transom Height25″
  • Draft10″
  • Livewell Capacity15 Gallons

Bay Rider Skiff 2260

  • Length22′
  • Beam8’4″
  • Weight Without Motor2,600 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity35 Gallons
  • Max HP200
  • Transom Height25″
  • Draft10″

Bay Rider Skiff 2260 FS (Forward Seating Model)

  • Length22′
  • Beam8’4″
  • Weight Without Motor2,550 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity35 gallons
  • Max HP200
  • Transom Height25″
  • Draft10″
  • Forward Seating Coolers/Fishboxes71 Quarts Each
  • Livewell Capacity15 Gallons

Bay Rider Skiff 2060

  • Length20’2″
  • Beam7’10”
  • Weight Without Motor2,350 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity35 gallons
  • Max HP150
  • Transom Height25″
  • Draft10″

Bay Rider Skiff 1860

  • Length17’10”
  • Beam78″
  • Weight Without Motor1200 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity12 gallons
  • Max HP90
  • Transom Height20″
  • Draft8″

Bay Rider Skiff 1660

  • Length15’11”
  • Beam64″
  • Weight Without Motor648 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity6 gallons
  • Max HP25
  • Transom Height15″ or 20″
  • Draft5″

Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime.

Contact one of our many dealers to begin enjoying the water.

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