Massachusetts offers a wide variety of rivers and lakes for leisure activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, and more. If you are in the mood to take advantage of the beautiful scenery that Massachusetts has to offer, then swing on by J&W Marine today for a custom KenCraft boat that will allow you to utilize the waters like never before.

Making the Boat

When creating a custom rig at KenCraft, we give you the opportunity to piece together your ideal boat. You can choose between a variety of boat brands, including the Challenger series, Bayrider Flatbottoms, Bayrider Bays, and more. Once you’ve selected your brand of boat, we allow you to select a model of that brand, which then allows you to customize your motor, color scheme, and extra accessories. Once you’ve created the boat of your dreams, you can head on down to Essex Marine Group and pick up your custom boat. Not everybody has to create their custom set up. Hobby Lobby Marine can sell you a variety of pre-made KenCraft boats if you aren’t looking to create your own.


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Using Your KenCraft Boat in Massachusetts

Massachusetts isn’t called the bay state for no reason. With over 15 bays on the coast and a large number of rivers and lakes more inland, Massachusetts offers citizens with countless opportunities to explore the aquatic scenery. The list could go on for days; however, we will touch on some of our favorite places to boat, beginning with Nantucket. Nantucket offers boaters with a wide variety of attractions to see, including notable lighthouses, gorgeous beaches, and marine life. Take the family out on a custom KenCraft boat to enjoy the stunning environment on the island. For fishers who aren’t afraid of a challenge, the marine life in Massachusetts is next level compared to the lakes inland. Fishers can expect to encounter tuna, bonito, flounder, cod, and an intimidating variety of sharks. All of the bays in Massachusetts are going to offer visitors with a state of the art experience due to the natural beauty and environmental depth. Whichever bay you visit, be sure to drive around the waters in a KenCraft boat purchased from J&W Marine.

Popular lake and reservoir destinations in Massachusetts include Lake Cochituate, the Quabbin Reservoir, and Otis Reservoir. At Lake Cochituate, one can enjoy the boating, fishing, swimming, and other various water sport activities, making it a perfect destination for a spontaneous day trip to the lake. The Quabbin reservoir sits at a massive 412 billion gallons, making it one of the United States largest unfiltered reservoirs. Fishing and boating are everyday activities on the reservoir, which makes any of the KenCraft models ideal for this body of water. The Otis Reservoir is a popular destination for watersports activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, and boating.

Overall, creating your own custom rig is going to allow you to maximize the features that you’re looking for in a boat, which will allow you to take advantage of the plentiful bodies of water that inhabit the great state of Massachusetts.

Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime.

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