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Building Your Kencraft

KenCraft Boats are built today in our modern 53,000 square foot manufacturing facility by experienced craftsmen using the very best materials currently available. Our hulls are constructed using Ashland Gel Coat and Ashland Resins. Ashland is a US based company and they manufacture products for the marine industry that are the industry standard for top tier boat builders.

We layer our boats with the finest fiberglass products that include Biaxial and Stitched Combo mats for maximum strength and support. For heavy duty reinforcement throughout our hulls as well as tabbing our composite stringers in the hull, we use 1708 biaxial mats. This very same mat is used to form our proprietary stringers that are an integral part of every KenCraft we build. In our hull bottoms we use the high strength 3610 Combo mat to ensure your hull will withstand years of use with no structural issues. In our hull sides we use Coremat® to provide stiffness and prevent print through on the high gloss gel coats we spray in our molds.

Once the KenCraft hull is built and allowed to cure in the mold for that perfect shape, it passes to our Pre Rig building where all internal systems are rigged and installed such as fuel tanks, hoses, pumps, and all Bronze plumbing (thru hulls and ball valves) along with all 316 stainless hardware throughout the boat. Our fuel tanks are not foamed in place like some manufacturers which is important because there is no closed compartment to hold water next to the aluminum tank and possibly cause rust to form. We mechanically fasten the tank to the stringers with Stainless steel hardware. This method takes more time and costs more, but not having to worry about your fuel tank in the future is worth the effort.

We do foam the backsides of all of our fish boxes and storage boxes on every hull. This helps keep the drinks and the fish cold on those summer days. We even back gel any exposed foam in our hulls with white gel coat. Going that extra step is what we do at KenCraft boats.

Build Your Boat

Build Your Boat

Our facility consists of over 52,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space that occupies 5 acres of land. Come take a tour of our plant and see how we build our boats to last you a lifetime. Contact one of our many dealers to begin enjoying the water.

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  • The BayRider was designed to be different from the beginning. A best-in-class #Skiff (also known as Flatbottom) that offers comfort as well as family affordability, while offering the ability to turn like a V hull on the water. You will not find a more versatile, fun, and safe boat for your family. [we own the rights to this video 🎥] #bayriderboats #yamahaoutboards
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  • https://www.annapolisboatshows.com/united-states-powerboat-show/premiering-boats/

Reposting this pic from our dealer Baltimore Boating Center:  OUR 239 #bayriderboats BayBoat IS WITH GOOD COMPANY PREMIERING AT THE BOAT SHOW !  Our booth and the 239 Kencraft are at the head of EGO ALLEY - see you there! #baltimoreboatshow #yamahaoutboards
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No fishing today, boat was in the shop, picked it up and got a call about a dolphin in distress, so I went and picked up the Aquarium peeps and went looking. He would surface here and there but never really moved much, once Wildlife and Marine patrol got there, we were able to work together and get a hook around the crab trap lines, pull him aside the boat and get the ropes cut . He had been out there since 7:30 am so I would say he was probably happy to be free again. He had 3 crab pots entangled with one rope wrapped around his tail, needles to say, he didnt have a lot fight left in him after dragging them around all day. I was super  stoked we were able to get him freed from the pots, it was pretty cool.

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Check out one of the biggest riding 21’ deep v center consoles in existence. The Challenger 21 by @bayrider_challenger_boats. #challenger #bayriderboats #kencraft #centerconsole #boats #yamahaoutboards #ncboatbuilding #nc #boatlife 🎼: “Living it up” by Damian Marley #damianmarley #bobmarley #livingitup *we own the rights to this video @instagram*